the knob on thjs thing goes up to 11

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this is probably the only reason i can still stand

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petition to pretend exodus: gods & kings doesnt exist and we all just watch the prince of egypt instead

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matt and pat still use ableist slurs and stuff but i love how every time they go to a Scary Asylum in games they always talk about how the situations in these places were bullshit and none of the Scary Mental Patients deserved the treatment that mentally ill people got and still get and theyll stop the jokes to talk about real stuff
they arent perfect but theyre way ahead of any other youtube lets players and they listen to people who ask them to respect stuff

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we got a pinhole in the new balljoint we put in the car so my dad patched it with super glue and a paper towel

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pls tag capslock i cant have that sprung on me i need warnings

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This is pop punk in one picture.

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A Golden-crowned kinglet (Regulus satrapa), the shortest passerine in North America, looking very cross. It breeds across North America, from Canada to Chiapas, Mexico. The genus name ‘Regulus' is, like the English 'kinglet', the diminutive form of 'king'.

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my history teacher from last year was really cool and he just came into my classroom and tried to dothe hand shake thing where you curl your hand and bump should stuff and i have never done that and i just kind of put my hands up like

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i dont understand handshakes
i am a simple egg

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