i think we all gotta maybe not just use he/him and they/them for gender neutral things and maybe use diff pronouns like she/her more, and not just for stuff that is fragile or, belonging to a man

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i’ve changed my mind so much / my mind’s changed me so mucha personal mix about living with borderline personality disorder. warning for suicide/self-harm mentions in tracks 6 and 8, and warning for alcohol/drug mentions in track 2. cover art by david shrigley.

1. talking shit about a pretty sunset - modest mouse 2. st. ides heaven - elliott smith 3. the fear - ben howard 4. breezeblocks - alt-j 5. eight easy steps - alanis morissette 6. all gone - mother mother 7. medication - modest mouse 8. knife going in - tegan and sara 9. dead - jukebox the ghost 10. so unsexy - alanis morissette 11. amy aka spent gladiator 1 - the mountain goats 12. a better son / daughter - rilo kiley

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Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

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if i can get xsplit working would anyone wanna come to a tmnt stream ????

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Hwo do dreams work , as a system. do some systems have Collective dreams ???? are they all separate. do diff kinds of systems have diff dreams. can everyone have one persons dream
afaik we dont dream. whats it like

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im so bored with this new trend of saying talking to someone all the time and desiring attention isn’t natural and is manipulative etc etc cause it’s usually telling bpd people who literally need attention and communication to survive that they’re manipulative and not natural. thanks.

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my rule for food that i find is, if it doesnt look or smell gross and there are no bugs on it, eat the food.
if theres something gross on it and it brushes off, eat the food.
if it was in the trash but it didnt touch something wet, eat the food.
if no one is looking, eat the food.

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Fog Rising from the Sea (x)

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i cant draw in nice sketchbooks i need lined paper bc i cant relax and draw on slmething nice

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*finds loose candy on the ground in the parking lot* free candy

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*points* love this crow
*points at human form* no stars, zero outta ten, F-

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we saw malificent !!! dunno how to spell it !!!! but it was very good !!!!!!

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*dreams of casual cosplays*

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