i was a cool secret cyborg in a secret cyborg club and we beat up rude dudes


etna and roger


etna and roger

i am so tired and i have to do more work today, goodngith



He never saw it coming

He didn’t know how to say wake up, so he tried everything he knew

hi i found a windows 7 disk that we never used and wiped + updated my computers operating system

i already back up all my stuff on an external hard drive so it wasnt that big of a thing but: i did not back up my 200+ blacklisted items for tumblr savior

how are you doing today


Teenage Wasteland






wheee, I hit 50 followers quicker than expected but I promised a giveaway so! excuse the lazy graphics pls

First Place: a hatchling from my irishimgem maize/rose/rose and maize/pink/magenta pair. Will have light/ice or arcane eyes.

Second Place: a hatchling from my irishimbelly orange/blue/pink-white pair. Lightning or Fire eyes.

Third Place: a hatchling from my irishimgem/belly midnight/midnight/ice-maize pair. Ice eyes.

You don’t have to be following this blog, but it’d be mighty appreciated if you did.

Simply reblog with your user name and ID! Likes don’t count.

This ends on April 30th. Not interested in any one of the prizes? Just say so and I’ll make a note of it!

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scarabrute replied to your post: i wonder if there are pet sites about …

omg. if not someone needs to make one. i want to hatch little car eggs

if i had the time / energy / know-how i would do it in a heart beat and watch everyone get invested in a game about raising baby cars


My body went into acute renal failure March 1st. I spent 11 days in the hospital, four of those were in the ICU. My inpatient bill came out to a little more than $77,000. I am lucky enough to have decent insurance and owe about $10,000.

I still have an ambulance bill and one for my outpatient dialysis treatments. 

So, I am trying to make a little money by selling my clothes on ebay. Sizes 22, 24, 2XL, 3XL in “women’s” sizes and XL & 2XL in “men’s” sizes. Brands include Tripp NYC, DEBS, & Band Tee’s from HT & Spencer’s.

Also plugs in 5/8” & 1/2”.

Please Signal Boost. I already sold my car. I am unemployed and have no other source of income. Thank You.

i wonder if there are pet sites about cars ?

i am purgamentum on the horrible dragon game